About Paul

Eastern and Western blood flows through my veins. It plays an important theme in my life.

I grew up in the Australian bush and attended an archaic boys’ school where students were regularly caned and prayers were said in chapel for the school rowing team. I began to read esoteric books at a young age. I was convinced there must be a better way….

Studying at the Music Conservatorium was not much better with its stifling atmosphere that again left me with more questions than answers: burning questions about life, music, education, everything…

At 19, I courageously decided to go solo and find my own answers.

Bali opened my eyes and lifted a veil. I learnt gamelan and temple dance, I found a new home and I met my life partner, Nicole. Together we met our spiritual master in India, we opened chanting and meditation groups in Germany. And I embarked on a 3 year training to become an Alexander Technique teacher.

After our first child was born, we moved to Australia where I pursued a career in teaching. We helped start a Waldorf School in the hills of Perth and I developed music programmes in various schools. Finally I was able to implement some of the answers I’d found.

Over twenty years have passed. Some have described me as a “patient gardener” nurturing young souls. Music (i.e. what I believe to be true music) has flourished and spread its subtle magic. More recently I have begun teaching adults and coaching teachers in music and personal development.

I am passionate about Music, Education and the Inner Journey of the Soul.


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