Essential Oils

My journey to Natural Health started whilst living in Bali in the 80s. Doctors and medicines were unreliable. Traditional Balinese medicine was dying out. Foot reflexology was an easy way to keep the immune system optimal and to stimulate parts of the body that needed attention. We also chose our diet carefully and became vegetarian.

Living on a tight budget in Germany, we continued this protocol and whenever possible bought organic foods and treated any disease homoeopathically.

Then we had children, and experienced the typical overwhelm that many young parents have around health. We researched many natural ways to bring up healthy children, finally relying on common sense, not fear.

An Ayurvedic approach brought new light on digestion and toxicity in the body, as well as differing body types. This made a huge positive impact on our health.

Then we discovered Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

It is astounding what nature can produce, how it is a veritable apothecary of medicine. When the latest scientific methods of research and distillation meets nature, the results can be astounding. We have found Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to be extremely effective in maintaining health and treating disease.

They are easy to use, have no negative side effects and are very cost effective.
We have witnessed their potency time and time again.

One theme that has developed for us over the years is the effect of emotions on health. Often a disease can be linked to an emotional blockage in the subtle body. Again, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils have a subtle and powerful way of assisting you to resolve emotional blockage.

And we have found Essential Oils can go even further than that…

We are excited to be part of a Natural Health Revolution that is shaking the world!

How can I help you?

Having experienced the powerful effects of pure essential oils again and again in providing healing for physical and emotional issues I am passionate about sharing simple natural solutions for an improved  and healthier life. 

Drop me a line to connect for an initial free chat. Let me know which areas of your health you want to improve.

Making a difference in Bali: The Wangi Asri women’s co-op

When Em Falconbridge and I started running retreats in Bali in 2014 we felt a need to support our Balinese girlfriends financially. We asked them to sew simple bags and cushion covers from local fabrics which we then sold at school bazaars. This was always  a bit hit and miss. And it wasn’t until we both established our doTerra businesses that we had the idea of making  essential oil accessories. Thus the Wangi Asri women’s co-op was born.

Wangi is an Indonesian word for ‘scent’. And Asri means ‘beautiful’. An appropriate name for essential oil accessories.  There’s also an added meaning to the name: the two sisters-in-law who sew the bulk of the bags are called Wayan Wangi and Mek Asri.

Since 2016 the Wangi Asri women’s co-op has shipped thousands of essential oil bags across the globe. It supports seven women and their families. Most of the women sewing the bags don’t speak English and didn’t have job opportunities in the tourist industry. By making the bags they are able to contribute to the family income, to education for their children and grandchildren and participation in cultural ceremonies.

The bags are primarily made from recycled vintage  fabrics and traditional woven fabrics. The  sourcing of these materials supports further local families with an income.

Right now during the global pandemic and it’s restrictions on international travel these families are grateful for your support when you order one of  their beautiful  hand-made bags.

We have a great Instagram page where you can learn more about our products and place an order: 

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