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Whether it’s being taught how to make offerings by my Balinese friends, inhaling delicious aromas of essential oils or unearthing your innate creativity, the workshops and retreats I offer are life enhancing gatherings of like-minded souls, where creativity, laughter and wisdom bubble up from the heart…

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Essential Oil Classes and Workshops

Teaching Essential Oil classes and workshops

I am passionate about sharing my essential oil experiences and knowledge and help others on a path to physical and emotional healing with these amazing pure plant essences. Please contact me to find out how I can help you. You might even like to host an essential oil workshop…

Past Events

Healing & Creativity Retreat October 2021

What an amazing six days we had in this beautiful nature setting. Time to settle into the nature around us and into our own sacred space. Exploring archetypes of life transitions and our biography and supporting them with pure plant essences – a gentle yet powerful approach to allow growth in our lives. Walks in nature, environmental art, singing and creative exploration in clay, drawing and plant-dyeing. An enlivened and enriched space away from everyday hustle and bustle to allow healing and inspire creativity.

Chalkboard Drawing

Professional development for teaching staff at Silver Tree Steiner School, Parkerville, Western Australia, April 19th 2021

An exploration of colour and shape to illustrate stories and lesson content on classroom blackboard 

Helping with activities at Paul’s Singing Retreat in Bali 2018 and Paul’s Listening Retreat in Bali 2019


Thank-you for a wonderful immersion into the beauty of Bali. You held the space so beautifully, balanced the wonder, singing, soul  nourishing, relaxing and learning so masterfully.  I had a a week full of  laughter, great sleep, healthy eating surrounded by vibrant and alive nature  and connection to your Bali family. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart. ~ Lisa 

Paul and Nicole create an environment which is warm, open and creative. You are only asked to bring your willingness, and there is is never any pressure to perform or contribute unless you feel ready and comfortable – which you usually do immediately because the place is so beautiful and Paul and Nicole are such gentle and inspiring leaders! It’s an excellent mix of an informed, authentic experience of Bali and a creative, expressive exploration of spirituality and creativity. ~ Emily 

Paul and Nicole are a warm and enlightened couple. With their knowledge and skills in the creative arts and their experience of Bali, its people and culture, they offer retreats that stimulate and nourish all the senses, the spirit and the soul. Thank-you again, Nicole and Paul. Unforgettable!  ~ Cathy

Past Soulful Escapes to Bali with Emily Falconbridge

Emily and I dreamed about holding soulful and creative retreats in a nurturing space in Bali and realised that dream in January 2014. Altogether we held seven Soulful Escapes in four different venues in Bali between 2014 and 2018 with amazing women of all age groups from around the world. Truly a dream come true…


I can’t say enough about Soulful Escape to Bali… it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Nicole and Em are such beautiful souls – inspiring women who held my hand as I made the decision to leap… and who I felt I’d known for a lifetime after just a week together. And what a week… filled with such beauty, creativity, culture, connection and transformation! Thank you Em and Nicole for such a wonderful retreat! ~ Natalie

My visit to Bali changed my life, how could it not. When I reflect on my time at the Soulful Escape, my memories calm my soul and bring peace to my day. One of the reasons Bali is so magical is the charm that Nicole and Em radiate. I often daydream about my time in Bali, knowing that I will return and see these wonderful women again. ~ Alison

I am so grateful I said “yes” to Soulful Escape. The experience was so much more then a vacation in a beautiful place; it was a full heart, soul and imagination realignment! People like Nicole and Em offer an intimate and creatively rich immersion into Bali’s special treasures and delights. ~ Lisa 




Helping with activities at Flora Bowley’s Art of Aliveness retreats in Bali 2019 and 2020

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