Join us for a weeklong retreat from 25 Sep to 2 Oct 2022

Come along to the magical island of Bali. Nehru called Bali “the morning of the world”.
An island steeped in volcanic fertility and a mystical culture inspiring creativity and healing

Come and stay with us in the cultural Heart of Bali

After your journey we welcome you to Ubud Heaven Sayan, a small locally-owned resort in the village of Sayan, a short walk from Ubud.
Ubud Heaven Sayan overlooks a small river gorge, with some of the villas facing rice fields.
It is a beautiful quiet place, close to some of our favourite cafes and restaurants in the area.

Most villas have their own swimming pool, a couple of villas share a larger pool. A walking bridge leads across the river to the restaurant pavilion where breakfast is served. Just below another pavilion provides the perfect space for us to meet and sing, be creative and immerse ourselves in healing activities.

Meet our Balinese friends and learn about their way of life

Paul and Nicole have been fortunate to live in Bali in the 1980s. They stayed in a small village in the hills where life revolves around rituals and ceremonies. They learned the language and Paul studied Balinese music and dance.

When in Bali, Nicole and Paul live in a traditional Javanese teakwood house at the back of a large Balinese family that they have been friends with for over 30 years. 

During the retreat we will spend a day with our Balinese family in their compound. A lot of the young people are dancers and musicians and will teach us their skills, whilst the older ladies will share the art of making offerings from palm leaves.

Lets go on an excursion…

We are planning to take you on a couple of excursions to see the beautiful Balinese landscape and experience a traditional ceremony in a temple as well as visit a high priest who will read your Balinese horoscope. This priest is the only one left on the island to read your horoscope from his palm leaf books. He lives in a scenic village in East Bali and you will be accompanied by our good friend Wayan who is incredibly knowledgeable in all things Balinese culture and religion. Wayan is also an avid traveler himself and has been to lots of parts of Europe, Asia and America – this makes him an ideal guide to relate to other travelers and share stories.

What will our days look like?

After a shared breakfast in the garden restaurant we will meet in the pavilion above the river to start the day with singing and movement.

Most days we will have a morning or afternoon session in the pavilion immersing ourselves in a guided contemplation and working with plant essences on different aspects related to our theme *The Subtle Art of Fulfilment*. We will further dive into this with creative activities. On some days we will go on half-day or full-day excursions.

For lunch and dinner we will recommend our favourite cafes and restaurants in the area – most are just a short walk from the resort.
Some afternoons Paul we lead us on an optional walk in the nearby river valley – the perfect place to end the day in nature, sitting by the river for a short meditation.

There will also be plenty of time to rest, have a massage and chat with new friends by the pool or explore the local area and Ubud. And maybe some more surprise activities…


My first trip to Bali has been gracious, fun, comfortable and filled with sweet laughter. Everyone on this trip has shown an open heart, loving intensions and an adventurous spirit. The thoughtful warm character of the leaders has made this retreat feel like community, not commercial at all. I’m most grateful for this. There was also a relaxed flexibility. Nicole and Paul have been remarkably thorough and attentive to all the important details. I would follow them on any tour! Kasta is an amazing man. I will always think of the Balinese people through the impression and integrity of this remarkable man. Thank you for my memorable introduction to this uniquely beautiful country. ~Remi


Nicole and Paul, your generous and happy spirit has made this past week a memorable seven days. Thanks for your thoughtfulness, flexibility and superb organisation. I am so glad I could join you. ~Ann

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